Work in early morning postal deliveries!

We are looking for energetic, proactive adults to deliver early morning post in Turku and surrounding regions. We deliver newspapers, letters, small parcels, magazines and advertisements.

We offer you a permanent or a temporary job, depending on your preference. The employment can be well combined with studies or another job. You can fill in the application conveniently in a couple of minutes with a smartphone or a computer.

Working hours are situated between 1.30 and 6.00 at night. Depending on the route, the average length of a shift is around three to five hours per night. Normally there are six nights of work in a row, which are always followed by two nights off.

The work is done by company owned bicycle, own car or company owned car. In Turku, the main mode of transportation is bicycle, while in neighbouring municipalities the deliveries are only done by car. A tax free kilometre compensation is paid for own car users if the route is defined to be done by own car.

The salary is based on an collective agreement between Medialiitto and Teollisuusliitto. The average income is 12€/hour for a new employee.

Orientation is provided to all new employees. Everyone goes through a day training that lasts for a few hours, which is followed by practicing the assigned routes with an experienced delivery person. Orientation period is paid.

To succeed, a reasonable physical condition, precise and thorough attitude and ability to get accustomed to night time work is needed.

In case you want to know more about the job:

  • Call us at 0400 348 664 / Kasimir
    or 050 5163 463 / Marcus
  • SMS & WhatsApp above-mentioned numbers
  • Email
  • Facebook Lounais-Suomen Tietojakelu
  • Instagram

Interested? Fill in an application in a couple of minutes with a smartphone or a computer.

FAQ about delivery work

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How do you find us?

Lounais-Suomen Tietojakelu is located in Turun Sanomat newspaper’s facilities at Länsikaari 15, 20240 Turku.
Go to the info desk at the gate and the guards will guide you to the lobby of the 1st floor.
If you arrive by car, please leave the car on the side of the road while you talk with the guards, so the other vehicles can drive through the gate. Bus lines 32 and 99 stop right at the end of the road to the gate.

The best way to find us is by following the map link below