Earn money delivering newspapers!

We are looking for energetic, proactive adults to deliver newspapers
in Turku and the surrounding area. The main product to deliver
is Turun Sanomat, the number one newspaper in the Turku region.
We can offer you a permanent or temporary job. This could be
good for earning some extra money alongside your studies
or part-time work elsewhere.

Job description:

Newspaper delivery to subscribers’ mailboxes in the city centers, suburbs and rural areas.

Working hours: approximately 3-4 hours a night between 02:00 and 06:00. The basic shift pattern is 6 nights on, 2 nights off, but we can be flexible according to your personal needs.

The work is mostly done on bicycle provided by us, but depending on the route, it may also be done in a car. If we agree that you can do your route in your own car, mileage will be paid.

The salary is based on an hourly wage (per collective agreement). You can earn more by doing extra deliveries like magazines or letters.

Training on the tasks and delivery routes will be provided before the actual job starts. Training time is paid.

Successful candidates are in reasonable physical shape, attentive and self-reliant, and can adapt to night work.

In case you want to know more about the job please

  • call at +358 2 269 4128 weekdays at 8–10 or
  • mail to rekrytointi@lstj.fi.

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How do you find us?

When you are invited to a job interview, come to the address Länsikaari 15 and sign up at the gate.